A Chromebook is a new type of laptop that runs Chrome OS as its operating system.

Chromebooks are easy to use, affordable, and ready for everyone with various models that you would love to buy.  


Why Chromebooks?


Easy and Simple

No setup, no hassle of spending time loading anymore. Just log in to Chromebooks with your Google account. Then Chromebooks will always stay synced with your Android phones & tablets, and with other devices that you're signed in onto your Google account. 


Light & Affordable

You can access and store everything in the Cloud, in your Google Drive. You no longer need to have hard drives or RAM which tend to be heavy for you. Chromebooks help you keep everything light with a long-life battery, and save your budget.


Keep Updated

Chromebooks are automatically kept up to date, so you’ll always have the latest and greatest version along with strong virus protection. With Chromebooks, there is no need for manual downloads and upgrades.

Chromebook for Work

chromebook for work

Control User Access and Features

Control who uses your Chromebooks, configure single sign-on, password management, pre-install printers, disable Guest Mode, or designate the specific users within your domain that can use a Chromebook.

Centrally Configure Networks

Configure anything from guest networks to WPA2 Enterprise networks to 1000s of devices in different locations, including remotely deploying certificates to get users up and running. Configure proxies, Safe Browsing and other features to keep them safe.

Pre-install, Block and Configure Apps

Enhance your users' productivity by pre-installing all the custom apps they need to get their work done. Block or manage apps for specific groups including exceptions and push specific configuration to individual apps.

Chromebook for Education

chromebook for edu

Multimedia Friendly

Every Chromebook comes equipped with speakers, a camera, and ports for headsets/earbuds/speakers. There are also USB ports for connecting USB multimedia devices.

Easy for Students, Easy for Teachers

Imagine that a teacher is trying to install an application on more than 30 computers in a classroom in traditional settings. In Chromebooks, everything works on web-based, which makes the Chromebook agile and safer to use. It's much easier to click an app or type in a URL on Chromebooks.  

Light Weight and Small Size

Chromebooks are generally 11 or 12 inches and weigh about three pounds. Their size and weight makes them perfect for students because they can carry one small lightweight device to and from school and between classes, ruling out the need for standard textbooks.

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