Cloud Migration is the process of moving all or part of an organization’s data, applications and services from on-site premises onto the Google cloud.

Netkiller Migration vs Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange

Q. Why use Netkiller Migration over Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange (GAMME)?

Excellent Technical Support – Product updates and feature enhancements usually have rapid turn around, typically overnight. You can speak to our migration expert about your migration and get expert support.

Superb Reporting – Netkiller Migration provides both administration and end user reports. You can also customize the reports for your users, customers, or even partners. Then Email all users a report that contains a welcome message and migration details.

Flexible Options – If your users, or customers want something, it’s probably in the Netkiller Migration. It might be migration of:

  • Email attachments to Google Drive
  • Oversized attachments to Google Drive
  • Email contents to Google Vault
  • Files or documents to Google Drive
  • Resource to a user, or a user to a resource.
  • Moving certain user group to another group

All of these and a lot more are possible with Netkiller Migration.

Source Platforms – “One tool to migrate them all”. The Netkiller Migration fully supports the following Email platforms (these contain Email, contacts, calendar, archives, tasks, etc).

  • Novell GroupWise
  • Google Apps
  • Microsoft Exchange 2000 – 2003
  • Microsoft Exchange 2007
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 – 2013
  • Live@edu
  • BPOS
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Lotus Notes 6 and above
  • Scalix
  • Zimbra
  • and of course IMAP


Comparison Chart


Speed – It’s FAST !! If your connection isn’t fast enough, Netkiller Migration provides a caching option which allows you to download your customers’ data and then upload them later or on a different date when you have a faster connection. To learn more, please contact us.