What is Netkiller FIDO Security Key?

netkiller-fido-security-key-for 2 step verification

FIDO uses a USB type U2F* Security Key to process 2-Step Verification process on a PC. Google Apps Administrator and normal users can login using their own password and FIDO security key.

* U2F: Abbreviation of Universal 2nd Factor. A technology standard for a “key” that saves encrypted personal key in a USB type security key. U2F is used to authorize access whenever it is needed.


Service Eligibility

  • Netkiller Google Apps Clients: 1 for 1 Google Apps for Work Super Administrator ($20 for extra purchase)

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Benefits of Netkiller FIDO Security Key

It’s secure

Netkiller FIDO U2F Security Key is based on PKI with the private key on the secure module of the security key.  This means that it can block attacks that Google Authenticator (OTP) cannot.  For example, in the case of a phishing attack, the fake site can ask for the username and password. If the OTP is requested by a hacker, a passcode goes to the phishing site, and the hacker has it to access the account.  From there they can meddle with your account however they want.  With the Netkiller U2F key, phishing site cannot access your account since you need a physical key to authenticate.


Even when your phone is turned off, or if you are not connected to internet through Wi-fi, LTE or 3G, you can still login using the FIDO Key.


You can use one Security Key for Google Logins such as Google Apps and Gmail, and even on other systems like Windows 10. If you are using multiple accounts, it conveniently eases the trouble of using multiple OTPs for each account.

It’s convenient

Users can authenticate their login info just by plugging the device in and pressing the button. Compared to using OTP, FIDO can save time by not having to open an application.

Even with the absence of FIDO key, it is not possible to access the account without knowing other login information. It is also possible to disconnect FIDO key from your account, making this even safer.