Netkiller’s Cloud Portal is a groupware solution that re-formats and customizes the Google Apps user interface to make it is easier for people to comprehend.  All Google Apps core services, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar will be visible at a glance.  Also, an administrator can add a bulletin board for the organization to make company announcements, and share thoughts, ideas and even photos.

Google Apps users can boost their productivity by easily browsing their unread emails, recently modified documents, organizational charts, space usage of Google Drive and Gmail, today’s calendar and a to-do list all in one place.   


Secured by Google Platform, 100% Google Sites Based Service

Main features

  • Purely developed on Google’s platform, the portal integrates seamlessly with Google Apps and supports Google Cloud security.
  • Displays Google Apps data without extra storage and hosting.
  • Allows viewing of emails, to-do list, calendar, documents list, and organization chart on one page.
  • Can be customized by displaying an organization’s logo and color scheme.
  • Ability to assign different privileges, such as edit/view only, to employees.


  • Able to apply custom design and enterprise portal skin (total 6 types)
  • Gmail Gadget: preview of emails that are received today
  • Docs List Gadget: Preview of my documents, shared documents, and recently modified documents 
  • Org Chart Gadget: Preview google apps users list with Organization Units
  • My Google+ profile Gadget: Preview my google drive storage and gmail usage
  • My Taks List Gadget: Preview my google tasks/to-do list
  • Workflow Gadget: Submit e-Approval, review, and preview
  • My Shared Calendar Gadget: Preview list of shared calendar

Use Case

  1. A manufacturing company uses Netkiller Enterprise Portal to see all of Google Apps’ core services at a glance and performs daily business tasks such as processing files electronically approving document while being at ease about data security. 
  2. A service company uses Netkiller Enterprise Portal to make announcements, post pictures, and send messages from the CEO. The employees of the company are able to view them without clicking Gmail, Calendar, or other document tools.

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