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Google Apps Vault adds advanced data management and information governance capabilities to Google Apps. It's a next-generation archive, retention, and eDiscovery solution for Apps built on a modern, 100 percent web-based architecture. Google Apps Vault reduces risks associated with litigation, investigation, and internal and regulatory compliance, and lowers business and IT costs by enabling companies to more effectively manage the information stored in Google Apps.

Google Apps Vault is designed to reduce risks and costs by enabling users to archive, manage, and preserve Gmail, Drive and on the record chats for information governance, eDiscovery, and regulatory investigations.

Netkiller is an authorized partner for Google Apps Vault, Postini and Google Apps. By purchasing through Netkiller, customers receive professional setup and care. 

Netkiller provides expert deployment services, complete setup instructions, and the Netkiller Health Check-Up to ensure email flows are running smoothly and effectively. 


  1. Email and chat archiving: Define retention policies to ensure your critical data is being properly managed and preserved before they are removed from user mailboxes and deleted from Google systems.
  2. Legal holds: Place legal holds on users to preserve all their emails and on-the-record chats indefinitely in order to meet legal or other retention obligations. You can place legal holds on all content in a user's account, or target specific content based on dates and terms. Learn about holds.
  3. Drive file search: Search files or documents on Google Drive by user account, organizational unit, date, or keyword. Files that are searchable include Google file types (Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides) as well as non-Google file types such as Pdf, MS Office document, and JPG.
  4. Email and chat search: Search your domain's email, chat history-on Hangouts by user account, date, or keyword. Vault supports Boolean, Gmail-specific, and wildcard operator searches.
  5. Export: Export specific email, on-the-record chats, and files from Google Drive to standard formats for review and additional processing.
  6. Create Audit reports: Use Vault audit reports to learn about various types of actions that Vault users have taken during a specified period of time.

Frequent Asked Questions

What happens to a Google Apps Vault user when he/she exceeds Gmail quota limit?

A. There is no impact to Vault when a user exceeds his/her Gmail quota. If a user does hit the Gmail quota he/she is subject to the normal Gmail restrictions once the quota is reached.

Is Google Apps Vault available for a select user set or do I need to purchase Google Apps Vault for all users within my domain?

A. Vault can be purchased for certain users in the Google Apps domain.

How do migrated emails get placed into the Google Apps Vault archive?

A. All messages in a user’s mailbox or messages that have been migrated to the user’s mailbox become a part of the Vault archive. Any existing tool that can migrate messages into Gmail can be used..

When Vault is enabled for an existing domain, will the existing Gmail data automatically be in Vault or will data only be captured after it is enabled?

A. Once enabled, existing Gmail data will already be included in the Vault archive.

When a message is deleted from Gmail, is it removed immediately from both Gmail and Google Apps Vault?

A. No, by default, all emails are retained for 30 days in the Vault regardless of retention rules. If a message matches a Vault retention rule, the message will be retained based on the defined rule or if the user is subject to litigation hold.

How does migrated emails get placed into the Google Apps Vault archive?

A. All messages in a user’s mailbox or migrated to the user’s mailbox become a part of the Vault archive. Any existing tool that can migrate messages into Gmail can be used.

Can messages be exported from Google Apps Vault?

A. Yes, messages can be exported in MBOX format. However, in order to do so, users must be granted permission to "Download Exports". Many production tools like Encase, Clearwell, and Concordance are able to use MBOX formatted files for the final production phases. For situations where an .eml or .pst file is required, some customers have leveraged the third party tool from Aid4Mail to convert MBOX files to those formats.

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